“If you need someone to help you get it together, you should call Laurie Rosenberg! She helped me confront my numerous, scary piles of stuff. She has many talents, but her greatest gift is her ability to see spatial relationships and set up rooms so that they work in an effective way. Additionally, her wonderful personality makes the unpleasant task of organizing much more pleasant.”

DB massage therapist

“I love working with Laurie Rosenberg! Laurie teaches you that there is a place for everything and everything has a place. She comes equipped with the right organizing tools and gadgets to turn your office, junk drawers and closets into a working space that’s neat and clean. You’ll be proud to leave your doors open and let guests “take a peek”. Laurie’s upbeat and dynamic personality makes the tasks more fun and enjoyable and before you know it, you’re finished!”

EK Real Estate Agent

“Laurie is so great in helping me organize my files, sort, store and clean out unnecessary papers, and put things in their proper places with an index to find them all quickly! She is a pleasure to work with.”


“While moving into my new house, I called Laurie to help me unpack and set up my kitchen. She transformed my kitchen into such an easy and efficient place that now, I actually enjoy cooking and entertaining! I had to have her come back and we organized my pantry and laundry room, too. She has a great vision for organizing and made an overwhelming job, enjoyable!”


“I had my kitchen cabinets refaced and the contents were all removed. I had Laurie Rosenberg come and after a 30-minute assessment, we rolled up our sleeves and set up stations in my kitchen! Everything she did was so practical and relieved my anxiety over such a big job! She is really good at organizing and great to work with!”