Laurie RosenbergYour Personal Organizer


I will arrange cabinets and contents to make the kitchen efficient for cooking and entertaining! I like to create zones; such as, an area for everyday items, an area for serving/entertaining, and area for small electronics, baking and cooking. Also, I can organize the pantry!

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I will arrange furniture and accessories to produce clean and eye-pleasing rooms to attract the potential buyers. Also, advise on any low-cost additions that would be beneficial!

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Kids Room Organizing

I will help contain toys and books, clear clutter and maximize space in the closets! Also, I can help find storage ideas and advise on how to keep items contained.

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Bathroom and Garage

I can help maximize storage, clear clutter and make this an enjoyable and relaxing room to be in! There are many options for finding space and using that space efficiently!

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Office/Home Office Organizing

I will create a filing system with an index to organize files and allow you to easily locate papers when needed! Also, clear desk clutter by establishing an “In” and “Out” for everyday tasks.

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Getting organized means:

  • Cleaning out clutter which clears space and dust!*
  • Setting up storage and/or a memory box to remove papers
  • Donating unwanted items – feel good by helping others (I volunteer with the Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence – they love donations!)
  • Eliminating buying duplicate office supplies and groceries.
  • Recycling to help the environment.

    Want to get organized - But, don't know where to start?

    Are you overwhelmed with the space, but feel you don't have time to get organized? The reality is, it is hard to Find time to get organized, you have to Make time! I offer a FREE 1-hour assessment to discuss a personal plan for getting you organized! Then, with a plan and the proper containers or supplies - in a 3-4 hour session, you can have the space of your dreams! Contact Me!